Snapshot #5

I live at ground zero when it comes to white, right-wingers. They are everywhere here. Seldom, if ever, do I see people wearing masks. I can’t recall the last time I saw a black person. How I ended up here is a long story. CDC issued a new guideline on November 10th stating that everyone…More

Snapshot #4

She asked me to take the day off and come help her. She will pay me double. I tell her that I am obligated to work all day. She has been cutting herself with her pocketknife again. In her mid-fifties. In the evenings she feels so stuck and alone that she feels compelled to cut…More

I Really Should Be Quarantining

I’m not a morning person. I realize that my writings may be less affirmational in the mornings. Morning grumpiness is a thing. My morning grumpiness tends toward the dystopian. If you put yourself out there expect it to be met with contempt. At the very least you will be judged in the public courtroom of…More

Buying a Potted Plant

I walk into Ace Hardware to buy a potted plant. I find a beautiful flowering one that was resonably priced. I took it to the register where there was a swarm of masked customers. I waited in a line that was inundated with talking people. That is ok, I don’t mind but many of these…More

Thanksgiving is Over

I slept well last evening, which is surprising since I drank a few too many beers. I went to the local brewery and picked up beer to go. I was surprised by the amount of people sitting outside, in close proximity to one another, with no mask on. I went in and out so fast…More

A Man Sits Alone In There

Birds idling in the sea current. Deep layers of sand and fish found beneath. I watch water and want to be more like water. I think David Berman said something about that. Hardness always fails. Prone to entropy. I watch people walk by and often am not pleased by what I see. A patient seagull…More

Abbreviated Misunderstandings

My goal is consistency. In most things like hairstyle, layout of my apartment, wearing all black, facial hair, finishing one book at a time, turning off my computer by 9pm, life perspective. I have created several discriminating practices over the years. With music, fashion, language, literature, film, art, design. It has taken much time to…More

Sell Out Man, A Really Good Novel. Chapter Thirty One.

Chapter Thirty One   Zev went for walks. Long walks. He listened to the ambient sounds of birds and the ocean. People looked at him like someone they couldn’t figure out. His long hair and black clothes didn’t fit in with the beach town attire. Zev tried to be as evasive as he could be.…More

Sell Out Man, A Blog Novel. Chapter Thirty.

Chapter Thirty   Arthur was spending a lot of his time at Amy’s house. It was much better than spending the night at his shitty apartment in Koreatown. Arthur had expected to make more money with the release of his new book but not that much money entered his pockets. The book of essays sold…More

Sell Out Man, A Blog Novel (Bitch). Chapter Twenty Nine (Bitch).

Chapter Twenty Nine   Zev Bauhaus knew that he needed to be free of Amy. He couldn’t see her anymore. No more fucking. It was difficult for him to imagine his life without her blowjobs, her nudity, her beauty. But he knew that it was what needed to be done if he was going to…More