Toilet Rumination #1

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am always unhappy about something. I am smoking weed now. Weed the regenerates the soul. Weed that lifts the spirit. Weed that gets the retard brain to stop dwelling on negatives. We must become more successful in our thought processes. To always be focused on what is not working or what is wrong in domestic environment is a real dissolution of thought. It is the loss of all rigor in thought. It is a rigor mortis of thoughts. I am always preoccupied with domestic preoccupations. Problems in my relationships. Things that I am angry about. Insecurities. Worries about job and money. Worries about ways of living. Worries about health. Health, money and relationships are there any more banal preoccupations? It is the epitome of stupidity. It is the brain gone bad. Need to find a way to interrupt these. All these mundane preoccupations makes for a mundane mind and a mundane life. Maybe the weed will help. Brion Gysin used the plant. Look what it did for him. Maybe I need do this more. My brain may be the kind of brain the needs marijuana assistance. Not the stoney dumbed down kind of assistance. I am not speaking of this. I am thinking of the creative and inspired kind. The philosophical and multidimensional kind of assistance. The kind of assistance that can come in with a scalpel and cut the cords creating mundane preoccupations. Without some sort of intervention I am doomed to these domestic proccupations. I am doomed to a life of worry and fixation on my relationships only relieved by continually checking my smartphone and engaging in crap. Trivial communications. My dog must have a more fruitful mind than I at this point.

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