Toilet Ruminations #11

BDSM! BDSM! BDSM! This is what I need. I need to be forced out of my head. My head is stuffed with too many dreary things. The world is a mess. People are suffering. Locked away behind walls or in decimated cities. What the hell is going on with us humans? How can everyone not be in states of continual anxiety? The outer conflicts are reflections of the inner conflicts we all carry around. BDSM! This is what I need to get connected with something beyond my head. I need to be whipped. I need my genitalia to be yanked and pulled and dragged around the room. I need naked and attractive young women to punch and spit on me. I need them to laugh at me and stick fingers in places where fingers do not belong. I need to be strapped down and confined. Maybe then I can get out of my head. I tell others that my anxiety often weighs me down. They tell me to get out of my head. Go hiking or hang out with people. Get help, they say even though they know I am a psychologist who knows that psychology does not work. If only hiking or socializing or therapy could get me out of my head I would do these things all the time. What fools these people are. I never tell my clients to go hike or hang out with other people to deal with their anxiety. No. I tell them to go get whipped. Go stick their head in a dirty toilet. Go shoot a gun or pick up a prostitute and have her do extreme things to you. Go meet a guy and tell him to sodomize you. I am realistic. I know that those whose heads are filled with too many bleak things need very strong cures. I will not misguide my clients because I need to be politically correct or respected. Why would I do that to them? No, what they suffer is horrible and they must do extreme things to get relief. Go to a BDSM club. Go get an erotic massage. Go pick up on a random guy and tell him to do a plethiora of kinky things to you. This is what we need. I need whips and chains and attractive naked women. I need to be forced into submission! I need this everyday. But I also need the money to be able to afford the daily BDSM sessions and this is a more difficult problem to figure out.

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