Toilet Ruminations #17

Go ride your bike. Go do something. Do you need to be sitting on this toilet spending so much time in rumination? Ruminating. Ruminating. Always ruminating. What is it you are trying to figure out? It is as if your life is a puzzle and you are constantly trying to figure it out. You like it you say. Do you really like it? Do you really like always ruminating and trying to figure yourself out? Do you really think you will reach an end point of rumination? Is all this ruminating pleasant? You sit here on your toilet, day after day, ruminating about everything. There is no organization to any of this. As soon as you resolve one problem another will arise. As soon as you have finished complaining about one thing you will be complaining about another thing. Your ruminations are endless. There is no end to any of this. Rumination is an insatiable appetite. It is just what you do you say. It is how you exist in this world. Rumination is just who you are. Sitting on this toilet day after day and ruminating is just what you do in the same way that someone else may go play golf. Is this what you really want to be doing with your time? Sitting here ruminating and endlessly trying to figure out and resolve the problems of your life? An unexamined life is not worth living you tell yourself. But isn’t it nice when you are meditating and free of this rumination? When things are just good as they are? When there is no more effort to figure things out? When you are just settling into your life as it is in that moment without analysis? It is nice you say. You prefer the stillness and silence of meditation over the noise of rumination you say. But there is purpose to both. Rumination without meditation is a straight path to misery. Meditation without rumination is a straight path to being the dullest person in the world. So a balance must be achieved between the two. Meditation and rumination. An equal amount of time must be spent on your meditation cushion as is spent on this toilet ruminating. This sounds fair.

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