Toilet Ruminations #19

What is wrong with people? Why do they not respond to a text or an email? Do they think this is ok behavior? They say they are too busy. They apologize. Really? An apology is often just an excuse. A person who cannot take the time to respond to another person’s text or email is an idiot. An idiot because they are so lost in their own head, that they do not even have enough mental focus to be able to think beyond themselves. It frustrates me when a person will not reply to my text or email. I will automatically dislike them because I do not want to be friendly or close with idiots. With those who are so caught up in their own self-righteous shit that they cannot even respond to a text. Who are these people who think it is ok to not reply? Angry people? Self absorbed people? Narcissistic people? Jerks? I am these things as well but always respond to a person’s text or email. I never allow their effort to go unacknowledged. Maybe this is who these people are. They do not have common courtesy. They do not respect other’s feelings. They are the dangerous ones. The ones to be cautious of. So I keep my distance from them. If you do not respond to my email or text in a timely manner, I have already dismissed you in my mind. I will be nice to you. I will pretend to like you. But deep down we are done.

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