Toilet Ruminations #20

Who am I kidding? I speak brave words but I am full of crap. I am just as dependent on my wife as I was before the affair. I love her very much. My wife is a very good woman. A giving woman. A loving woman. Without her I would be lost. All this talk about being more independent and less sad when she is absent is crap. All this talk about being less co-dependent is just a bunch of shit. Maybe there is some truth in it but not to the extent that you think. Your wife is hot. She is a slut. She likes to have sex and have a variety of male genitalia in her mouth. You knew this from the first day you met. You knew that she was dangerous. A slut can not be controlled. This is why society tries to shame the slut so much. Shame her into submission! But I love the slut. I celebrate the slut. It makes me sad to see so many women refusing to be sluts. The fear gets the best of them and they end up squandering all the erotic power that they have. Patriarchy wins. But the slut is a free spirit. A wild animal that can not be controlled. I feel in love with my wife partly because she is a slut. A deviant, bad bitch in the bedroom. I knew she would screw me over at some point. A man can not be in a relationship with a deviant, bad bitch and not get screwed. It is impossible. You love her because she is a slut. You love her because she is deviant. You fell in love with that which is most dangerous for you. What an addict you are my friend. Your wife is your heaven and hell. She is your bliss and she is your pain. This is what a man gets when they marry a slut and I would much rather be married to a slutty, bad bitch than to a good girl. How dull and understimulating that would be. Accept responsibility for the choices you have made man. Stop your moping around. Accept responsibility for where you are at. She is a slut. She deceived you. Of course! Did you think things would be different? You love her. You just need to get your head out of the toilet. Accept you are not the only one. Move on.

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