Toilet Ruminations #22

I am tired of being a sexual submissive. I have been sexually submissive most of my life. But I want to be sexually dominate. Being sexually dominate means being sexually direct with people. Telling them they are whores if you want. Telling them what you want them to do in direct ways. Making them do things for you. Forcing them to be more perverted and kinky. Most of us tend to be so sexually submissive. We keep quiet because we are embarrassed or shy. We feel like we are being bad. This is a silly way to be. I have been this way long enough. We end up repressing our authentic sexual wants and desires. I don’t want to be this way anymore. I want to be more direct. I want to tell others exactly what I want. I want to tell others what I think of them sexually. If you are a slut I want to treat you like a slut. This makes sexually interaction so much more enjoyable. But I get fearful. I feel like I will be judged or like I am doing something wrong. I feel like I am not being nice and loving enough. So I recoil into old habits. I keep things down. I become submissive. I lose interest. I wish more people were sexually dominate. I wish they could just say what they think and want in terms of sex. Tell me what you want! But everyone is afraid. Everyone is playing it nice. Everyone is being repressive and so most people lose interest. But we are sexual creatures. That is why we are here. Outside of sex we serve little purpose. Sex is our purpose. Every other purpose is just man made. Contrived. Ideological. So embrace sex. Live sex. Be sexually dominate. Force it upon yourself despite the fear. If you treat a slut like she is a slut maybe this will help to bring the slut out in her and she can be less ashamed of her slutiness (is slutiness a word?). She can be more open about her slutiness. She can feel confident to explore her slutiness more rather than hiding it away. And then you can be free to explore your slutiness and deviance. You can be more liberated sexually. We live in a time where we are all in sexual bondage. This I think is why we are all losing our minds.

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