Toilet Ruminations #30

Balding or bald men. There is something about them which causes me not to trust them. It is not that I do not trust them as much as it is that I do not find what they have to say legitimate. I was sent a Youtube video to watch and the man speaking was older, balding and all grey. I didn’t watch the video. I have no interest in what these bald or balding men have to say. Why is this? There are many credible bald or balding men. Who was a bald or balding man whom you find credible? There is William Burroughs. There is Andre Gide. There is Thomas Bernhard. Who else? There is Allen Ginsberg. There is Terrance Mckenna. He was not bald or balding. Are you sure? Yes. Ok, well there are many bald or balding men whom I am very interested in listening to or reading. But they are very few and far between. There is something about balding which causes a man to grow dull. Or maybe the vast majority of men do not have ideas that are all that interesting. But out of the vast majority of bald and balding men there will always be those few who rise to the top. Who maintain their interesting ideas and unusual ways of living. But most men who are balding or bald grow dull. They let themselves become less interesting and they fill their balding or bald heads with things like mindfulness, politics, real estate, current events, making money. I am sure most of these bald or balding men are very nice people, I just am not interested in the ideas which emanate from a bald or balding head. Show me a man with a full head of hair and interesting ideas, I am all ears.

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