Toilet Ruminations #41

What is the point of making and drinking coffee which leaves you feeling tired and unmotivated? And I spent a lot of money on these beans! I drink coffee to be taken out of my stupor. To be jolted alive. Without coffee this will not occur. I remain in a stupor. Why are people idiots? The thing about becoming more popular or more widely known or more successful is that you will encounter idiots. You are widening your circle. As a result you will confront many detractors. Detractors will not hesitate to tell you how much they hate you. How much of an idiot they think you are. How wrong and foolish they think you are. Detractors are everywhere in this world. They are viral. One can not become more successful without encountering them. But detractors only detract on-line. They will only do it where they can hide, since they are too cowardly to do it to you directly. In person. Detractors are so troubled that if done in person it will usually be with a gun or a bomb in hand. This is how cowardly they are and it is probably best that they remain on-line. When confronted with a detractor all one can do is remain calm and maintain the upper hand. Do not fall victim to their rage and self-hatred. Their desperation. I am not ready to deal with people all day. I do not want to listen to people talk. People are so full of themselves. Addicted to their own drama. Don’t they see that this is their problem? They are so addicted to their drama. They think that their drama is so important. That it must be figured out or flushed out now. Get over yourself. Don’t you know that by being addicted to your drama you will never be free from your drama? You are a drama machine, self creating your own drama around the clock. I should have known that by becoming a psychotherapist I would be drowning in drama. Psychology keeps a person addicted to their drama so that the psychologist can keep getting paid. Who else is foolish enough to pay $100.00 or more to a psychologist but those who are addicted to their drama? If people were no longer addicted to their drama, I would go broke.

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