Toilet Ruminations #44

The stripper who turned me into the police texts me? This girl must be nuts. “Sorry I didn’t text you back the other night,” she writes. “Sorry? Didn’t you turn me into the police?” I wrote back. “I am sorry, I was scared. Let me know if you want to have fun. I will give you a discount.” A discount? This woman causes me to almost get arrested for soliciting her and now she is offering me a discount? What is wrong with people. We live in a time where people are seriously disturbed. It is possible that human nature means to be disturbed. People have always been disturbed throughout history I am sure. But this smartphone and social media thing is twisting and dementing people’s minds. It is turning them in to digital reflections of a dumber person than they used to be. It is flattening people out. Twisting their synaptic impulses and causing neurons to fire at a faster and more fragmented speed. The neurobiology of human beings has become seriously disturbed by social media and smartphones. It has caused us to lose our footing in the real world. It has caused our egos to inflate to a size our heads and bodies can not hold. The stupidity and arrogance and self-centeredness of human beings has reached a point which supercedes concern. This is a state of emergency. “I will give you a discount?” She turns me in and then sends me a text a few days later wanting to hook up? But I am a desperate man. I am a horny man with not many options. I asked her to send me a sexy pic of herself so I could remember what she looks like. She sent me a naked picture of herself giving a guy oral sex. She is hot. We are meeting in a park tonight at 6. Only the potential to do sexual things with an attractive naked women can make me ignore what I feel is right.

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