Toilet Ruminations #50

Templates. Wild emotions of sound. Animations from all over and beyond. Deviance beyond recommended borders. Conversations with other people. Above head nice. Things falling down on you from the sky. Alcloves. Places to hide out and snuggle. Deviating from the norm. Hiding body parts in refrigerators. Refrigerated nightmares. Most homes animated by misery. Tag lines. Deteriorating arteries. An air conditioner refusing to turn off. What will we do next? I want sex. I want beer. I want drunken orgies of non-monastic joy. I want to rearrange all of my senses. Uncovered Volkswagen. Naked women moving through the night. Not shy but templates for sexual exploration. Why do most women deny most men of this? This is the real tragedy of human existence. Closed up by Catholic norms. Protestant belief systems shutting down human potential for fun. Deviation from all norms. Arrogance stuffed away in toilets. African summers in LA. Smoke filled sky. Signs of ruin everywhere. Nothing means a damn thing. Nothing means anything. Just look at photos from twenty years ago. What does any of that mean now? Nothing. And the same applies to now. This moment is nothing. Meaningless apropos. Sitting on rooftops watching meaninglessness go by. Turing on the air conditioner which refuses to turn off. Sounds like me wife. Orchestras of disdain and hatred in my head. The violent need to be tuned. Shapes and voices. Templates for sex. Why do women deny men of this? Moving through foreign space is what we do all the time. Arrangements on a keyboard. Digitized screens are what brains have become. Earthquakes of joy have not shook for some time. It is not certain what has happened to my mind. Birds outside sitting Shiva. It is time to put clothes on and walk out onto the moon. Outside my door there is nothing but naked bodies and foreign space. Templates of abstract norms. Yes honey, I am coming now.

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