Toilet Ruminations #54

Time is a strange phenomena. Not the limitations that time places on us but the way that time sneaks forward without us knowing it much. I do not think time is linear in the way we normally think of time. Time is much more flexible and ornate. It has a way of out smarting us. It escapes our logical consciousness. Time is something we can not imprison with a clock. The clocks we have constructed have little to do with time. Clocks are man-made time. Fabrications upon the real. Constructs. Time itself is something completely other from a clock. Time is like a vortex or an alternate reality within which we all live. Time is free space. But how we choose to live within our time is interesting. If we know that time is always out smarting us and we all have limited time, finite time, why do we occupy time so poorly? We use time poorly because we believe in the clock. We believe time has a linear and forward progression and that there will always be more of it. But at some point everyone is wrong. They fall out of time. We tend to spend most of our time in various states of misery, despair and suffering as opposed to spending our time in pleasure. Little time is spent in pleasure compared with despair and pain. This is the problem with organized society and work. As long as we have to work within this organized society most of our waking moments will be spent in various states of misery and pain. What a way to live a life! A life that we all know is finite. Why would we allow most of our time, most of our moments to be spent miserably? To be spent caring too much? I suppose this is human absurdity. All efforts should be going towards maximizing pleasure. Towards spending more moments in pleasure than moments spent in pain. When we know that time is limited and always out smarting us it would make sense to use this limited time to maximize the pleasure we experience in each and every moment. But organized society and work messes this is up. This is why human society is a kind of cancer to the human experience. It invades and interrupts the pleasure we can derive from life but we wrongly believe that we can derive this pleasure from society and work. We can derive the pleasures on our days off, but what if those days off never come? Then most of a person’s time is spent in various states of misery and despair. In boredom, anxiety, emptiness, restlessness, stress, anger, self-loathing. It doesn’t make sense the way us humans occupy our time. I am guilty of it myself. Time is a strange phenomena. The goal is to realize the true nature of time and then maximize one’s pleasure within time before one is out of time.

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