Toilet Ruminations #58

I am a pervert. A sexual deviant. These two terms get such a bad wrap. It is as if people think they are a threat to the current social order. I want to start a campaign, “Be Friendly To Your Local Pervert.” What would life and society be like without the pervert and sexual deviant? So dull and flat. I have always enjoyed being a pervert and sexual deviant. These things make life much more enjoyable. The feeling that I am transgressing this social norms and taboos is a fantastic high. Going to places one is not supposed to go is always enjoyable and filled with all sorts of stimulating feelings. Perversion has been around for as long as human beings have been around. It is only the past few hundred years that the pervert/sexual deviant has been made to feel guilty for their sexual predilections. Recently I learned a term. Scopophilia. The pleasure of watching. The pleasure of watching people do sexual things. This is me, I thought when I read the term. How have I gone forty plus years without knowing this term?! This is why I have spent so much time in strip clubs, underground sex clubs and other deviant sexual environments. I don’t necessarily seek out doing sexual things (although I like this as well) but it is the watching that I like. The watching of a naked woman. The watching of naked women doing sexual things with other naked men and women. This is what is fun. And then after I have watched, I enjoy getting involved. But there is such pleasure in this observing of sexually deviant things. Like I am glimpsing into a forbidden realm. Like I am seeing things that the vast majority of people are terrified of. How high it gets me! It is almost as if the watching of sexual things obliterates my ego so that all of my worries and fears are gone. I am fully present just like in meditation. I am filled with pleasure. This is why perversion and sexual deviance is healthy. It fills a person with a feeling of forbidden pleasure and forbidden pleasure is always the greatest form of pleasure. The pleasure of seeing things you are not supposed to be seeing. The pleasure of touching naked bodies you are not supposed to be touching. The pleasure of doing sexual things with strangers (we live in a society where you are supposed to really get to know the people you have sexual interactions with). How wonderful sexual deviance and perversion can be. It celebrates what is fundamental and organic about human beings. After all sex is how we got here, sex is why we are here, so why not indulge in all sorts of sexual tendencies? I can think of nothing more natural in this world. But it is so forbidden. So looked down upon. So feared. Our minds have been brainwashed by the church and the temple to create some kind of social order and control. Sexual deviance and perversion undermines all of this social order and control. The only weapon these prudes have against the sexually deviant is shame and guilt. But I refuse to be shamed into submission. I will fly my pervert flag high. How wonderful it is to do sexually perverted things with naked beautiful women. I will not let these power structures make me feel bad about this. Life is too short. The problem is that so many beautiful women have been suckered into believing that perversion and sexual deviance is bad. They should be monogamous. They should not be sluts (but how wonderful a slut is!). They should be loyal to one man. Women have been shamed into submission by romantic Hollywood movies. It is unfortunate because these women miss out on so much potential fun and feelings of empowerment. There are not many perverted and sexually deviant women around to explore these fantasies with. One must go to strip clubs and pay for it. One most dedicate time and energy to finding it. It is not easy to come across and this I suppose is why most men give into porn. It is easy to locate. But porn does not do it for me. I need the lights, camera and action. I need the environment, the smells, the feeling of flesh, the feeling of being seen. I need to be watching something which is real. I’ve gotten off track. I don’t really know where I was going with any of this………

8 thoughts on “Toilet Ruminations #58

  1. My timing is impeccable, I just posted a post directing people to come to your blog and sexual deviancy is the post they’ll see!
    Way to go EC. 😉 through them right in the middle of all this toileting!


      1. I can write but when it comes to spelling, I do what I can and let go of the rest. It is the substance I hope the reader gets. I will leave the grammar pretensions to other writers and readers. I am going for the soul of things. It is a better way to write don’t you think?

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