Toilet Ruminations #73

I want nudity. I want alcohol. I want sexual debauchery. These are the things that make life feel worth living. Female nudity. What a wonderful thing. But most women are such prudes. They can not let themselves be pleasurably appreciated by a man. It is objectification. It is bad. It is morally wrong. It is somehow offensive to them. What a bunch of crap. Why do women think they have been given the beauty they have? They have been given it to be sexually desirable. To be desired by men. To be sought out by a variety of men. This is what those beautiful breasts and asses are for. But they keep their bodies so hidden. Locked up and incarcerated away only to come out for that special one. It is sad just how much women suppress their sexual beauty. They have become uptight. They take themselves too seriously. Those beautiful bodies are here to tempt men. To seduce men. To gain as many men as possible so that they can spread their children all across the land. Biologically this is the point. Women have the seductive powers that they do because they are supposed to want to be screwed, fondled, licked and appreciated by adoring and horny males (and females). But women are so fearful. They are afraid to take that step into embracing their inner slut. It is bad. It is dangerous. I am doing something really wrong. I am selling myself short. It is too dangerous. I am afraid. These are the narratives that they tell themselves. What a waste. Soon they will be old and their biological imperative will be lost. They will no longer be able to attract and seduce with their sexual beauty. They are letting something very vital, fulfilling and pleasurable go. Those beautiful young women think they have forever and they can take their time but how wrong they are. Before they know it their breasts will droop, their asses will wrinkle, their faces deform and all of their sexual luster will be gone. I look at women. I desire women. But I see how women hide what they have. How offended they pretend to be. How fearful they are. It is a very sad situation that has been created. Imagine if people were able to be more sexually free. If people pursued their inner sluts regularly. It would be a different kind of world. Sure, there may be more STDs but sexual depravity can be done safely. Why does sexual depravity have to hide out in the darkest corners of society? Why can it not come out into the light of day? Why are we all so sexually confined? This is our fundamental problem as a species you know. I want to hold a young female ass in my hands. I want to watch her walk around naked. I wanted to do sexually debauched things with her. And then I want her to go away. Leave me be and maybe their will be a next time. Or maybe I will seek out someone else. Someone new and fresh. This is how humans should be. We want the new and fresh with everything else. But with each other it is not ok. We must remain with one person no matter how sick of them we are. We must try and make it work. Imagine if a person had to do this with their food! No, we should be able to have what is new and fresh all the time. We should be more willing to give this to ourselves and one another but we have been conformed. We are afraid. We have been taught to play it safe and as a result most of us live lives of quiet desperation. And then some of us work in strip clubs and go to strip clubs.


  1. I think the point of women being selective with sexual expression is to choose the fittest, most successful man they possibly can. Men want quantity, but women want quality; this is why you don’t see most women chasing after the sexual attention of tons of men the way men chase after tons of women.


    1. Yes, I think this is true but I do think we would all benefit if women lowered their expectations just a bit. But I know this is tough with men because many men can be very unappealing in many ways. But many women are appealing so I suppose they can afford to be more selective.


      1. I think we’d benefit if men raised their personal standards, instead of expecting women to lower their expectations.

        Which specific expectations from women do you think should be lowered?
        And can you elaborate on why you think women should care?


      2. Happiness is reality minus expectations.

        Good questions.

        I just think women should be more willing to be sexualized, objectified and to have a good kinky time with whomever they are attracted to in the moment. They should be more willing to be deviant, to be slutty, to be unashamed, to show their bodies, to be sexual. To be less uptight about it.

        Why do you mean “why women should care?” Care about what? Sex? Being sexualized? My answer to that is that women were born to be sexual. To have sex. To be sexualized. This is the evolutionary point so lets embrace it and get off of our arrogant equality platforms. There is no equality in nature. Equality is a human construct. I am not saying that women are lesser than men. No way. But we are not equal.


      3. I disagree that happiness must be without expectations.

        I don’t know what country you live in but where I live, women are PLENTY willing to be sexualized and objectified with many partners.

        I mean why should women care that you think they should all be the way you think they should be sexually?
        You do know that sex drives vary depending on individuals and sexual expression varies depending on personality, right?
        Why is most women not being sexual enough for your preference an issue anyone other than you should care about, let alone try to change as if it really matters?


      4. I don’t think anyone else should care about it. Have I ever said other people should care? I am just saying what I think. How I feel. I don’t care if you care or not.

        I live in America where women’s sexuality is greatly oppressed and exploited simultaneously.

        Trust me, you can not be consistently happy with expectations. Unless you are fortunate enough to always have your expectations met.


      5. The notion that sexuality is repressed in America is almost as humorous as the notion that homosexuality or religion are oppressed in America.

        I thought you said you think women should change, how is that not an expectation of women?


      6. These are just the ruminations that go on inside one man’s head.

        You obviously don’t reside in America and possibly have a stereotyped idea of sexuality in America. Sexuality is very repressed and feared here even though it is exploited. Marketed. Homosexuality is repressed as well. I meet few homosexuals who do not feel guilty in some way about being a homosexual. Religion is also oppressed, unless it is of the catholic/christian bent.


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