Toilet Ruminations #77

I need to get off this toilet. Too much time spent in my head. I always tell my patients not to think so much. To get out of their heads. And now here I am locked away in my bathroom, sitting on this toilet and lost in these ruminations. It can’t be good to think so much. I am ruminating so much that now I have even started to seriously contemplate kidnapping one of my clients. What is going on with me? Why am I ruminating so much? As a psychologist, if you asked me why you are ruminating so much I would tell you that it is because you are trying to fix your life. You are trying to prevent certain things from happening. You are trying to figure out how to get out of the current situation you are in. You are desperately trying to fill some kind of void. You are trying to answer some sort of eternally unanswered question. You are trying to save yourself. You are wanting to escape the current situation you are in. This is the point of ruminating. This is why we do it. If I was content with my life I would not be spending so much time on my toilet ruminating about these things. By ruminating I am trying to fill some hole. I am trying to figure something out. I am trying to answer a question that can most likely never be answered. I need to pull myself off this toilet seat or else I will be ruminating forever. There is no end to rumination. Maybe this is why kidnapping a beautiful woman is the answer. Maybe this is how I will find contentment. Maybe this is the thing I need to do to figure things out. Kidnap a beautiful woman, make her my sex slave and then my problem is solved. What is my problem? As a psychologist I know this is a temporary fix. I know that it will only be satisfying for a short while and then I will be back to ruminating. I need to stop ruminating now. Get off the toilet and get into life. Go for a walk. Listen to music. Go sit in a cafe. Knock this off.

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