Toilet Ruminations #80

I visited a strip club not far from my house last night. I had two hundred dollars in my pocket and a strong desire to see naked women. The strip club is also a brothel. You can have sex with any of the women in the back. This is why I had two hundred dollars in my pocket. Normally sex with a stripper would cost more but I am a handsome man and it was a Thursday night. I figured that I could bargain them down. I also am a gentle lover because I do not take long. The moment a woman is naked in front of me and then touches me I am already half way to orgasm. I am an easy job for women. Requiring not much effort. Some women like this while others feel as if they do not get enough. I like this strip club by my house because it looks like an old cocktail lounge inside. Naked women dance on a low stage with seats all around it. The club is dark but nicely maintained. There is not a corporate feel to the place. It feels independent and sleazy. The women walk around in thin bikinis or in the nude and try to convince men to go in the back with them. I sat on a couch and drank my ten-dollar bottle of water. It was so enjoyable to watch women get naked in front of me. There were some beautiful women who took off their clothes and indulged in their nudity. Occasionally, when the dancer was very attractive I would move to the front of the stage and put five or ten dollars down. The naked women would press her body into my body. She would sit on my lap and let me fondle her breast. What a delight! I was in an ecstatic state. When I was not sitting in front of the stage I would retreat to a couch in the back. One by one strippers would come sit down with me and ask me if I wanted to go into the back room or get a lap dance. Some women would put their hands on my crotch and I would put my hands on their breasts. One woman licked my ears and I almost had an orgasm. I would ask what they do in the back and we would talk about it. I sat on that couch for hours, slightly drunk and content as a bird on a wire. This is all I have wanted is to be surrounded by slutty, naked women! I wanted to take one of the women into the back and have sex with her but I felt bad about spending the money. Maybe if I was a rich man I could justify spending two hundred dollars for sex. But if I did spend two hundred dollars for sex I knew that I would most likely leave regretting it. It is money that I could have spent on books, records and food. But when I told my wife that I decided to not spend the two hundred dollars she told me that I should have had a good time with a girl. Maybe I was just too shy. Maybe I was not that into it. But I do think it was the money. I am not a rich man and to spend that kind of money on sex seems excessive. I should be able to find it for free. But some of those women were so sexy. Some of them oozed pornographic sex. I told them how much I respected their sluttiness. Some seemed surprised by this. I told them the slut is such an important person in our society. Us men need the slut. “The slut is so important to our well-being,” I told them. “Society would be so dull without the slut. Thank you for being a slut,” I said several times.  I wish I could have had sex with all of them. Why is it so difficult for a man to have sex with an attractive woman without paying so much money for it? Why are women so difficult? I wish I lived in a world where I could see an attractive woman and if she was interested in me we could have sex right away. But women are so uptight about sex. At least that it how it feels. It seems that they have so much shame around it. They have a stick up their proverbial ass. They feel bad about being sluts. But maybe not. This is what is enjoyable about being in a dark and dingy strip club. Women are nude all around. It is a slutty space. Even though the women are there to make money, they are not embarrassed or shy about being slutty. The slut is celebrated and adulated and most of the men are better off because of it.

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