Toilet Ruminations #83

“Hell is other people.” I can not stand kids. I do not understand why people would kidnap a kid. You would really want to be left alone with this loud and crying mess of a human? I would never want to be left alone with a kid. This is why I would never want to kidnap a kid. You can have them. I want to kidnap someone who makes me feel good. Someone who looks good in the nude and is an adult. Someone whom I could have sexual fun with. Someone who is a bit experienced in the ways of life. Not a kid. Whenever I am around kids I feel disdain. Their very existence bothers me. I do not know why this is. I have always felt disdain for kids and their parents. I disdain the parents because they are the one’s who brought these obnoxious and selfish little people into the world. What kind of adult would want to have kids? Selfish adults. Adults who want to spread their genes. Adults who have kids are not unlike a cancer on this earth. I disdain these parents because it is because of them that I must be exposed to these kids. Bastards. There might be one or two kids here and there that I do not mind but this is rare. Most kids I want to kick in the face. I want to punt them off the planet. One reason why I do not go into town much is because I do not want to be exposed to kids. The moment I see or hear kids my blood pressure goes up. I am filled with dislike. But this is also what happens the moment I am exposed to the masses. Most people are the masses. Their interests come from corporations selling them crap. Sports, terrible music, awful movies, Netflix shows. The masses are human garbage disposals with short attention spans and they are everywhere. It is very discouraging to think about how many people are members of the masses. And the problem with the masses is that they think that they are wonderful. They think that what they are interested is cool because so many other people are interested in it. They get some kind of group superiority kick about being into something that so many other people are into. This is the problem with the masses, they like what they like because so many people are interested in it. It gives them a sense of power and a sense of fitting in with the majority of people. This is disgusting. They are pathetic intellectual creatures. They exist to consume what everyone else consumes. They do not want to seek out there culture they just want to do what everyone else is doing. Disgusting. They have no mind of their own. They fly flags to let others know that they are one of them. Human garbage disposals who do not even know what they are. These people make me sick. I hate them and I hate kids. You see, most people who say they like or love other people are really not telling the truth. They are afraid to hate. The vast majority of people are afraid to hate because they think something bad will happen to them if they do. They think other people will not like them. They think that they will get in trouble. Most people fear hate and this is why they chose to love or like other people. But it is never rational to make choices out of fear and this is why most people’s like or love of other people is irrational. It is not true. But hatred is always true. My hatred of the masses and kids is true. Since I hate the masses and kids you could conclude that I hate almost everyone on this planet. The masses and kids are everywhere. Parasites invading the earth’s crust. It is an abomination. These people are everywhere and as a result I prefer to remain here in my bathroom.

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