On Escape

It is a mess out there. People cannot get along. The sky is falling. End times are here. Mountains are burning. Towns are disappearing. The air is sick. Our lives are unmanageable. Our relationships are illnesses. Our work sickening.


The internet is filled with solutions. Self-help podcasts.  Lectures on how to be better. Digitilized life coaches. Essays on self-improvement. Never before have we had so much access to information about how to improve and even liberate our lives. But little of it ever works and if it did work we don’t have the energy, time or focus to put in the amount of effort it would demand.


We are fucked up. We feel unwell inside. The pain is an oozing liquid following us everywhere we go. I presume some people are doing better than others but I would hypothesize that we are all various feet into a black hole. It is impossible to separate the individual from the mass. The terribleness that we feel is a human condition at this point in historical time. Never before has it felt worse to be human.


We can cope. We can manage. We can face our demons. We can do what we can to accept the pain and suffering we feel. But few people want to do this. We would rather escape. Besides, in this current historical climate, escape is really the most fun we can have.


So the sky is falling and we are living it up when we can. Most of the time we are suffering miserably, but when the opportunity comes for escape we seize the moment. We fuck, we drink, we read, we go on-line, we shop, we get involved in various romantic relationships, we do drugs, we work all the time, we sit and scroll on our phones. We do whatever we can to escape the miserable realities of our lives.


Give me escape or give me death.


But is escape the logical answer? Is it the correct behavior to invest a great deal of our energy and efforts into? Is there a more effective way we could be living our lives?


The problem with escape is that in order for escape to provide a person with the release a person craves, the escape must create an equal proportion of problems in a person’s life. This is why escape is always a deal with the devil.


What I mean by this is that the more problems the escape creates the better the release from pain and suffering the escape will provide. If the escape does not create many problems (such as reading fiction) the effect of the escape will be less enjoyable. This is why escape can potentially be a main self-destructive human behavior. Humans become attached or addicted to escapes that provide them with the greatest release. But these escapes also have the potential to paralyze and destroy a person’s life. To get in the way of their potential. To greatly reduce what a person could accomplish or create if that escape was not a part of their life.


But we do not want to let go of these escapes. They provide us with such a profound momentary relax or release from all the misery and pressure of our modern lives. But they also play a primary part in creating the misery of our lives. Maybe the reason why we are at a point in history where we feel so deeply miserable inside has something to do with the escapes we have chosen to deal with our lives.


Just as our technologies and architectures have evolved over time so has the natures of our escapes and addictions. Maybe escape is addiction. Maybe they are one and the same thing. Maybe when a person’s chosen form of escape creates a high degree of problems in a person’s life, they have a deleterious addiction. This is why you could say that it is always beter to chose escapes that provide a weaker form of release.


But escape is fun. The greater the release the greater the escape. Escape allows us to get rid of the paralysis of our lives for a period of time. Escape is inevitable. Without escape we would lose our minds. Or maybe we would get our lives together. We would pay our bills. We would go for that run. We would sleep at regular times. We would take care of our businesses and bodies. We would focus more on doing the little things we like. We would listen to more self-help podcasts and apply the information to our lives.


Maybe if we didn’t escape so extremely and urgently we would have less problems exhausting our lives. Maybe we would then have the energy to focus on fixing our lives rather than being exhausted by all the problems created to get greater release from our lives.


Sometimes escape makes no logical sense at all with regards to the greater harmony of our lives. But we do it anyways because it is so much fun. We crave the release. Escape at this point is nihlism in its purist form.


    1. Hey there. Good to hear from you. Yes, I have been working on a novel so less time blogging. I am posting essays I occasionally write when taking breaks from the novel on this blog for now. How are things for you?

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