Fat Girls Are No Fun


My wife just cleaned up and made me a bed in our backyard trailer. It is a nice space in there. Tonight I will be sleeping in the trailer because my wife is having her boyfriend over. They will have animalistic sex, two or three times in our living room, so it is best that I spend the night outside.


My 1982 Westfalia Volkswagen Camper Van has been sitting in my driveway for a week now. I know that I need to go start it and run the engine or else all sorts of things could get messed up. But I haven’t gotten to it yet. I don’t understand why I am too lazy to go start my camper van.


I am a bit to stoned to be doing psychotherapy today. But I am a professional and will get through my six clients without indication that I am stoned. I am a professional and have done my job well in many different psychological states, including complete panic. Being stoned just helps me to feel better while listening to people’s nonsense.


I just blew leaves from my backyard deck. There is something incredibly satisfying about blowing leaves from a backyard deck. The only problem is that it is dirty again within a day or two. And the blower can be agitating to ears and mind.


I have had some anxiety today but it is ok. I handled it well enough. I know it is a repercussion of drinking strong coffee. Even if I didn’t drink coffee I would probably still have the anxiety so I mine as well drink the coffee and tolerate the unpleasant side effects.


I would like to have sex with a young, beautiful woman. My wife is a young beautiful woman but I have had plenty of sex with her. I need someone new. Someone different. Someone to really get my 47-year-old blood flowing. Maybe this evening I will go to a strip club that is not far from my home. It is a nice strip club. I enjoy it inside even though the women can be relentless with regards to wanting to get money from me. I don’t mind though. It is good practice for saying no and not feeling bad about it.


I like that my wife is a slut. I give her a lot of credit and it turns me on. Women who like to have sex as much as a guy are a rare commodity and I value that. This is why I let her be free. It is something I respect. If more women where this way our world would be a happier place. She is the best sexual partner I have ever had.


I spent time in my backyard today lying on my back in the grass. I watched the branches of tress move themselves across the paper thin blue sky. A white airplane moved across the sky and through the braches. The sun kept my bare chest warm. It was a nice way to start the day.


I am not an unattractive man. In fact, for my age I am a very attractive man. I realize this even though I often feel insecure inside. When I am depressed my wife will remind me that I am the coolest guy my age around. That makes me feel better for a bit. There is no doubt that I could have sex with younger, attractive women if I tried. I just don’t try much. I prefer to just go to the strip club. But maybe I should try harder before my hair thins so much that I am no longer a desirable man.


There is a fat girl who has been pursuing me. She lives a few houses over from me and writes me pornographic letters. I think it is cute. I have nothing against fat girls. I know a lot of men really like fat girls. At the strip club I always see young men going into the back room with fat girls. There is a demand and desire for fat girls. I am just not attracted to them. I like my women thin and tight. Nicely breasted and with a firm ass. I could have sex with this fat girl tonight if I wanted but I don’t think I can. I am not that desperate just yet. Maybe down the road but I am afraid that fat girls are no fun.


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