On Being Too High

It’s not a very comfortable feeling. It comes upon you from out of nowhere.

I thought weed and I were good and then I smoke this.

Suddenly I realize I am uncomfortably high. This is not fun. I am much too self aware. Too sensitive to the machinations of my body.

My head feels like a bobbing boat. Up and down and around, things are almost spinning. My head feels heavier than it normally does. I don’t feel terribly well.

It has been hours now and the uncomfortable high is still there. When looking through my own eyes it is still difficult to focus. Then I think that what if I always feel like this? What if this never ends? This is a terrifying thought but remind myself that I am being paranoid. I remind myself this will fade with time.

But I am too high. This is not fun. I want my head back. Every strange sensation in my body makes me feel even more uncomfortable. Right now my brain is not my friend. It is catastrophizing.

I have to squint to see the words on this screen. I have to try to focus. Have I been poisoned? I am sure many stoned people have had this thought.

I just need to focus. I am fine. So I feel very strange. Deal with it. Use your meditation skills to remain aware of the experience  but not attached or reactive to it. Just watch it like you would watch clouds moving across the sky. Everything is fine, you just need to remain focused.

Thise will pass.

Don’t freak out.

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