The Pervert

I love women’s bodies. I don’t think I love anything more.


Women’s bodies are the one thing I am continually in pursuit of. Women’s bodies fulfill me.


I am drawn to women’s bodies like I am drawn towards nothing else. Women’s bodies are the one thing I am always searching for.


There is a forgetfulness in a woman’s body. When I am with a women’s body I forget everything else about my life. I am in a state of pure ecstasy.


The feeling of being turned on or aroused by a woman’s body is the most pleasurable feeling a man can feel. There are no greater feelings for men. Even graduating from graduate school or being given a prestigious award do not feel as good as a woman’s body.


Men need women’s bodies. Women’s bodies are a form of very important nourishment for a man.


Of course, a man needs a variety of women’s bodies. He can be satisfied with one woman’s body if that body is hot and sexy enough. But a man will always desire other women’s bodies. A man will always be pulled towards women’s bodies. We like variety. When you love something as much as a man loves a woman’s body obviously, you will take as much of it as you can get.


Men who do not have a woman’s body that they strongly desire and that is accessible to them are very unhappy men (they normally overwork as a result). Therefore, all men should go to a strip club occasionally, or have a sexual experience with a prostitute. It is important to experience a variety of women’s bodies that you strongly desire (without any emotional attachment). It is good for men even if they pay for it. It is a very healthy thing for a man to do.


Nothing compares to a naked woman’s body that you love to look at and touch. A body that is the object of your perfect desire. When with this body a man is fully present. There is no death except the death of the man’s ego. It is a very spiritual state for a man to be in. A naked woman’s body is the most powerful tool in the universe that a man can use to reach enlightened states of being.  Meditation cannot compare.


There is nothing that I want more than a woman’s body. I am always on the lookout. No matter where I go I am looking. I enjoy sitting at cafes and looking. Looking for that ideal woman’s body. When I see it, I stare. I wonder if she would fuck me. I am not disrespectful but I stare. If she looks at me I will normally look away. I am getting better at making eye contact and saying hello. But a woman’s body is so powerful that I am very intimidated when it is turned towards me. It must be what people feel like in the face of certain Gods.


All I want is a woman’s body. A variety of women’s bodies. It is all I care about. It is all I am in pursuit of. I suppose my job and making money and how I dress and the way I speak are all designed to keep me desirable to other women’s bodies. Almost everything I do in my life is for women’s bodies.


I am not nearly as happy or ecstatic when not around a women’s body that I desire. Things are lacking and less fulfilling. I feel pulled to find a woman’s body that I desire. I can hold off on the pull for a while but eventually I will watch porn, watch cam girls, go to a café and look at beautiful women’s bodies and sometimes I will go to a strip club and watch naked women’s bodies (this in some ways is a blissful experience). Sometime I will pay a woman a good amount of money and have a very enjoyable sexual experience with her. Sometimes I will go to sex parties and seek out other women’s bodies.


Few things are as enjoyable for me as doing things that involve the pursuit of a woman’s body. A dinner party without an attractive woman’s body present is a very unenjoyable thing for me. In fact any situation where there is the absence of an attractive woman’s body is not nearly as enjoyable for me. My love for a woman’s body is total and complete.


I am in constant pursuit of a woman’s body. On-line and in life. I have been this way all my life so I presume it is natural. In fact, at the age of 47, I feel like it is a sign of health.

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