The Social Isolationist (TSI)

Good morning class.

TSI (The Social Isolationist) is a term I have given to the man or woman who socially isolates.

What is it that I mean by social isolationist? Do I mean someone who is a loser? Do I mean someone who has no friends? Do I mean someone who feels like they have no real internal value? Do I mean someone who never really goes out and does shit?

I mean all of the above.

The TSI is a man or woman who has completely withdrawn into themselves. They feel bad about themselves and feel like they have no real purpose or value in the world. They feel as if they are not doing anything of any real value and that their life is fundamentally a failure. The way that the TSI deals with these unpleasant feelings is to isolate.

Have you heard of the social hierarchy? There really is such a thing and the social hierarchy affects every aspect of our being. This is why most psychological problems are cultural or social problems. The solution to most mental illnesses is not therapy or medication but it is often climbing higher up the social ladder.

The TSI feels as if they are at the bottom of the social heirachy. They have no real feeling of worth within themselves. They are just existing and drifting. Doing what they have to get done and isolating the rest of the time.

The only reason why therapy may be beneficial for the TSI is that it puts them in contact with someone whom they perceive as being higher up on the social ladder than they are. This gives the TSI a feeling that they have moved a bit higher up on the social ladder and this inturn will boost serotonin levels. How do I know this? Well class, I myself am a TSI.

You see I have no real friends. No friends that I see face to face on a regular basis. I have a wife whom I am close with but she keeps having affairs on me and this only causes me to feel even more isolated.

I know. You are wondering but you are a famous psychologist. How could you be a TSI? Well I do not really care about being a psychologist. I am only in it for the money. It brings me no real joy. Yes I come into contact with a lot of people. Yes I have a lot of conversations with people. But I do not care about any of it. It does not inspire me in the least. It drains me. I am not interested in the topic of psychology. I am not interested in most people’s problems. I do it for the money and the social prestige. And I isolate to deal with how stuck I feel.

I don’t go out much. I don’t feel that interested in anything. I don’t travel. I don’t feel a sense of purpose. I am not engaged in much. I live in a community I could care less about. There is nothing around me that interests me. The people I find boring and banal. I hang out with my wife a lot but even that interaction makes me feel bad since I feel like such a piece of shit inside. I do not feel good enough for her. I feel like she is going to leave me at any time since I am a TSI.

Feeling like a piece of shit, feeling like one has no real inherent vale inside is a fundamental characteristic of the TSI.

Obviously, the cure for being a TSI is to make more friends. To go out more. To do more things that give the TSI a feeling of meaning. To do things that make the TSI feel as if they are climbing higher up the social hierarchy (even if it means just going to a movie and being around other people). Sitting at home and doing nothing is the worst thing a TSI can do for their serotonin levels. Also doing things that a TSI does not value more than they do things they do value can cause a person to feel low on the social heirarchy.

To increase their serotonin levels the TSI must continually make efforts to feel like they are of some value. That they are climbing higher up the social ladder.

Now my chosen method of social ladder climbing is to sleep with a prostitute once a week. Now I am sharing this with you class because as a substitute professor I believe in complete transparency. Sleeping with a prostitute once a week allows me to feel like I have some value. I value prostitution and I am paying for a service that I value. It does not get me high on the social ladder but it gets me high enough to not want to kill myself everyday. And for the TSI, this is enough. They do not need to get to the top of the social hierarchy. They just need to climb a bit up the ladder to feel better.

Once you have become a social isolationist it can be difficult to climb your way out of it. You are already depressed and probably stuck in one or two addictions. You are basically an internal mess. To climb up the social ladder from this internal place is no easy task. It takes a real push. A real act of will.

To get this push you can drink coffee, sleep with a prostitute, exercise more, force yourself to go to movies, go eat in a restaurant on your own, do things for hours everyday which give you meaning, stay engaged. Don’t just sit on your fucking couch smoking weed, unshowered, watching tv and scratching your balls or cunt. This will cause you to feel like you have no value at all and the only cure for being a TSI is to motivate yourself. No one else can pull you up the social ladder, you must do it yourself.

And if you don’t class?

Well you are going to be miserable. You are going to feel like shit. You are going to feel like you do not matter. You are going to have very low serotonin levels. As a TSI this will be your normal state. Please do not be surprised about this. Please take responsibility for this. Stop complaining to others about it. Depression and isolation is the state you are chosing. Make friend with it and accept that this is your life.

A TSI does not matter much. But this might not be true in terms of the external world. But it is true in the sense that you do not matter much to yourself. A TSI has a self-image which has been destroyed. The TSI feels of no value to themselves. They do not like who they have become. They feel like they have failed themselves. And this is why they do not matter much. This is also why they do not want to go out.

So there you have it class. Now you know about the TSI and you also know a bit more about your professor. Next week we will discuss the connection between borderline personality disorder and being a sex addict, where you will learn even more about me.

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