Four Practical Things You Can Do To Be More Negative

We live in an interesting time. Positive propaganda is on full blast. If your are not viewed as being a positive person people with assume there is something wrong with you. They will try to fix you or discredit you in their mind.

If you are not seen as a positive person you will lose opportunities. Your career will decline. Your relationships may become severed. You may even start to hate yourself because you can’t do anything right.

Most of us are working hard to be seen as positive. It is an opportunists pursuit. If I can just be more positive more people will like me. I will make more money. I will be healthier. I will thrive. I will be a part of the club.

Many theorists and philosophers refer to our time as the cult of optimism. Or the singularity of positivism. If you are not happy and positive something is wrong, is the implication. Everyone is working so hard to be happier. Hell, happiness and positivity are the main things marketed to us on a daily basis.

Never before in the history of humanity has it been easier and more cool to be a positive person.

The irony is the harder your work to be positive, the unhappier you become.This is called the positivity problem. Or the optimists fatal flaw. This is why most of those who are selling you ways to become happier, more positive and more optimistic are not different than those who are trying to get you to join a cult. Ultimatly, the shit don’t work.

Don’t take my word for it. Keep at it. Buy into the cult of optimism. Work hard at being positive and see how you feel in ten years. Please get back to me.

With all of this said, who the hell wants to be negative all the time? I suppose those of us who do not judge negativity and see it as a very noble and creative state. I mean when has any good form of art been born out of a singularly positive and optimistic mind? But a person must be very intelligent to see the depth inherent in negativity, and lets face it- fake positivity dumbs us down.

But some balance is always good.

Maybe the deluge of positive propaganda has gotten to you. Maybe you are the kind of person who has bought so much into the positive trend that you could benefit from more negativity in your life. After all, few people are less interesting and depthless than those who are happy all the time. It is not the happy people who are going to save the world, I can tell you that.

If you have become imbalanced by this positivity craze currently going on, I would like to offer you four practical things you can do to be more negative.

Thank me later.

Focus On What Is Missing In Your Life, Not On What You Have.

We all know that focusing on what you have all the time is a form of stupidity and greed. One of the better ways to be more negative is to focus some of the time on what you do not have. Keep your focus on what you lack in your life. The things that are going wrong. The problems that you perceive. The love that you are not getting or the absence of what you want. To hell with the good things that you have. Don’t focus on your beautiful house, the fact that you are not in a hospital, the cool things you own, the love you do have, the food that fills your refrigerator. To hell with this stuff. Just keep focusing on everything that is not working out as you would like.

Dislike People

If you see people as toxic idiots, this is a great way to be more negative. Don’t love people. Don’t even like people. Just see people as the selfish and stupid creatures that they are. Keep your distance from people. See people as the most dangerous species on the earth. Realize how much people have conformed and willingly become dumbed down by the status quo. Let Sartre’s quote, “Hell is other people,” be your mantra. See people as a drain who are just trying to exploit you. If you really are able to resent people and keep your distance from them, this will indeed help you to be more negative. Feeling lonely and solitary is what will follow and as we all know, depth and substance grow out of solitude. You will be forced to get better at being alone and sometimes the best work we do is when in this space.

Ruminate All The Time

Studies show that a person who is lost in thought is an unhappy person even if they are thinking about happy things. Being lost in thought is one of the fundamental things that makes us miserable. When we are lost in thought we are not present in our lives and it is really hard to be negative if you are fully present in your life. So ruminate. Be fully identified with everything you think. Refuse to let go of your thoughts and be more present. Think, think, think. Attach to your thoughts like a worm attaches to a rock. This will ensure that you are a more negative person. Even if you are thinking about all the fun plans in front of you, you will still be miserable if you just keep ruminating.

Refuse To Accept What Is

And finally, one of the most practicle things you can to do be more negative is refuse to accept what is. Keep trying to change things. We all know that accepting what is makes a person happier, less reactive and more content in their lives. We all make the mistake of assuming that happiness is something we aquire. If we just go on that vacation, if we just build that knew back house, IF WE JUST GET THAT PERSON TO BE HOW WE WANT THEM TO BE, if we go out and have a drink- then we will acquire happiness and positivity. Wrong. Happiness is a state of mind not something we acquire. As long as we try and acquire our happiness we will insure our negativity. Positivity is a state of mind that just allows things to flow. Positive and negative. Authentic positivity is a state of mind that accepts everything as it is, from moment to moment and free of reactivity. So in order to be more negative, keep trying to change what is.

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