I Love Naked Girls

Do you know how much I love naked girls? A lot.

I really love naked girls. Naked girls with nice bodies are the best.

It is the greatest luxury to look at a naked girl.

When looking at a naked girl all of the worries and struggles of life dissolve.

Looking at a naked girl or naked girls is pure pleasure.

Looking at the greatest of art in the greatest of museums fails in comparison.

What man has destroyed his life over looking at great art? How many men have destroyed their lives because of the pleasures of looking at naked girls?

Naked girls are truly a wonderful thing.

One of the best things in life.

I love looking at naked girls. It is so good for my mental health.

Looking at naked girls dissolves stress.

Why is something so healthy looked so down upon? It doesn’t make sense.

If more girls understood the power of their own nudity they would be living a much happier life.

This evening I need to make sure I go look at naked girls. It has been awhile. It is mid-week and things are stressing me out. I worry more.

Naked girls is a temporary cure. A nice reprieve.

Tonight I will get high and go look at naked girls. It is worth every penny I spend. It would be nice to be able to look at a naked girl for free but that requires more effort than I want to make.

It should not be so difficult to see a girl naked but it is what it is. I don’t mind spending the money. It is how I appreciate what the naked girls are doing for me.

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