Personality Disintegration

Personality is a living thing. It is an organic, silently humming organization of biological properties. What I mean by this is that personality is subject to mortality just as the human brain is.

Personality usually goes first.

Personalties disintegrate often in life. There should be a graveyard for personalities in the same way that there are graveyards for bodies.

Personality, which was once a vibrant and unique thing gives in to entropy and exhaustion just like all other things do. It is only the greatest of personalities that hold out over time. We all know a few examples of this and envy them as a result.

A person often surrenders their personality in middle-age. They must meet the demands of the workplace and the society within which they dwell. This requires them to surrender or dilute their personalities and become a watered down version of themselves.

I don’t know why the workplace is so threatened by personality. Maybe authentic personality is too individualistic. Too free and not subject to orders and values compromise.

Normally we would rather have money and professional status than personality. Our personalities can fully invigorate themselves on the weekends. But even after a while of only being expressed on the weekends, personalities lose their individualistic and unique charge and disentegrate.

Popular, mass culture is a sea of disintegrated personalities.

A person must be very brave to maintain their true personality throughout their lives. They must be willing to continually take risks and make efforts to move in directions that are true to themselves (what I mean by true to themselves is true to their authentic personality).

A lot of self-help or personal-growth gurus feed off of people who have lost or are losing their personalities. Psychotherapy is what happens when personality no longer works optimally. Personal-growth, self-help and psychotherapy are almost always signs that a person’s personality is in disintegration.

Now that they are conforming, their authentic personalities are disintegrating. They are just trying to survive while experiencing some degree of mental health at the same time.



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