The Perverted Old Man

I think I am entering that period of my life where I could be considered a perverted old man. I am not sure how I feel about it.

I mean I guess I am alright with it.

I am 47 and perverted, which I guess to a lot of the younger women I would like to see naked and play with, that would be considered an old man.

So I am a perverted old man. Maybe not entirely old just yet, but at the very beginnings of that stage.

It’s alright with me. I am as perverted as they get. The more scandalous the perversion the better. I love all things perverted. Few things are better for me than watching, fondling and doing sexual things with a naked young woman. I think I like the watching and fondling part the best.

But I also love spying. I love watching my wife do pornographic things with another man when she does not know that I am watching. This is the greatest thrill. Makes my heart race and sometimes I worry it could kill me. I got to get that under better control. I just get very, very excited when I am spying on her doing scandalous things. When I get to watch her be a slut because she doesn’t know I’m watching. Wonderful stuff.

But as I become more of a perverted old man I need it to excite me less or I need to get the excitement under control so that I can handle the bliss it creates. Spying on your partner having sex with other men- no high comes close to it. But only few can handle it. Heroine and coke and all the other drugs are for the weak. Try this one out.

So yeah, I am an old pervert. I love all things naked young women. The more things naked young women, the happier I am. Sometimes I worry about orgasming almost everyday still at 47 (should I take more breaks? Is it ok to still be this horny, naturally?”) but I am a horny pervert. What can I say. I like all things sex and naked young girls. I try to let my body be free to do it while it still can.

Any situation I am in I would always prefer it if their were naked women, preferably naked young women. I would also prefer it if one of these naked young women had their mouth over my you know what. Anything sex with naked young women present is preferable to anything else in this life. Things without naked young women doing pornographic things are just dull. I have tried to be content with the banal and the mundane. I have tried but I am just an old pervert. What are you gonna do about it? Mine as well indulge.

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