Toilet Ruminations #104

My dog stands at the door staring at me. Does he see food or does he see me? I often wonder this and can feel dislike towards him when I think he sees me as his food source and not as a human being. I realize that it is ridiculous that I am getting upset with my dog for not seeing me as a human being. For only paying attention to me because he wants food. I am troubled in this way. I take things too personally and get upset over things many would consider illogical. But these offenses stick in my mind. People who did not return my texts or emails. People who stopped talking with me without any notification as to why. People who do not treat me with the kindness and respect I feel I deserve. I will be bothered by these people for longer periods then I would like. Sometimes my anger towards them will still be in my mind months later. I suppose that when wronged I hold a grudge. It does not take much to make me feel wronged. If I write you a text and you do not promptly respond, within a day or so, I will feel wronged. I will stop talking to you and dislike you until you do right by me. When I see you, I will still carry a grudge. I realize that it is absurd to carry a grudge towards my dog because I feel he only sees me as a way to get food rather than as a human being. Is this how women feel with regards to men only seeing them as sexual objects? Do women feel angry towards men because men refuse to see the person that they are? Men seem to be looking at women, but women can never be sure if the men see them as a piece of meat or as a human being. But it is equally as absurd for a woman to get upset at a man for not seeing her as a human being as it is for me to get upset with my dog. It is a man’s biological nature to see women as a sexual objects. This is how babies get made. To expect a man to see a woman as a human being and not as a sexual object is not logical. It is as absurd as expecting my dog to not see me as a food source. I realize that my dog’s fundamental reason for paying attention to me, for his loyalty to me is because I feed him. My dog is an animal and values eating first and foremost. He does not value love and attention. These values are projected upon him by humans. What he values is being fed. Being fed is love for him. Everything else is second best. It is his animal nature. In moments of clarity I can realize this and stop being frustrated with him for always wanting food from me. I can see that it is not personal. It is just what he does. It is his nature to see me as a source of food. It may be annoying but it is not personal. It is the same with women. First and foremost women are sexual objects to men. This is a woman’s function as far as male biology is concerned. Women are sexual objects to be used to gratify a man’s sexual desires. This is how babies are made. Few women understand this and are able to participate in the pleasure and fulfillment of being able to be happily used as a sexual object by a man. Sex is only as fun as it can be when a woman lets herself be a sexual object to be used by a man for sexual fulfillment and when the man does not feel guilty about this. Then what fun sex can be! What an exchange it is! The majority of women get upset by this, take it personally and frustrate the sexual experience. It is not dissimilar to when I get angry at my dog for seeing me as just a food source, for not caring about me at all unless I am feeding him and then I refuse to feed him for several days or a week in an act of protest against his unwillingness to see me as a human being with feelings. I realize that this stand-off is not good for either of us and of course my wife will end up feeding the dog and telling me to get over it. But it is difficult to get over it. We want to be respected. We want to be seen as human beings. We want our humanity to be valued rather than used. We want these things even from dogs.

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