Toilet Rumination #108

Dennis Cooper’s blog. I really don’t understand it. How is it that someone is capable of so much productivity? Every single day it seems as if his blog is filled with a deluge of new information on some sort of perverse or artistic thing. It is a continual flow of productivity that my more lugubrious brain is unable to comprehend. How can such prolific output be possible? Is he doing all this work himself? Does he have help? Is he on drugs? How much time does he work on his blog posts per day? And if his blog posts were not enough, he also has this extensive section where he answers all of these people’s comments. Who are these people who comment? They are people who seem very self obsessed to me. Dennis Cooper’s blog is filled with self obsessed people. It is a pantheon of self obsessed people but still it does not make it any less admirable. After all I am a self obsessed person who just abstains from commenting on Dennis Cooper’s blog. But sometimes I want to comment. I want to ask him how he does it. He has had a prolific output for sometime now. Books, essays, films, art projects and now this endless blog? Where does it all end? How does he do it? Is he struck with some sort of psychological condition which causes him to have to have endless productivity? Is there Aspergers in his brain somewhere? How is it possible someone is able to work so much? There must be a psychological condition that enables it, is my thoughts on the matter. I have never been capable of this kind of productivity and it has occurred to me that this is because I am a depressive instead of a person with Aspergers or mania. Dennis Cooper must have Aspergers or mania or both or some chemical construct that allows him to generate so much. On top of his blog posts and interactions with his self obsessed blog readers, he also seems to be traveling here and there. Always on the go. The guy is continually sleep deprived and in a hurry to get somewhere else. Always on the go. Always alive for tomorrow. It seems like an obsessive kind of thing. A nervous condition or an anxiety disorder. An inability to focus his mind and be still. But I am able to focus my mind and be still and what does it do for me? Not as much evidently since Dennis Cooper is much more known than I. And then there is his musical reviews. His books reviews. Where the fuck does he find the time to read all these books and listen in-depth to all this music? I am not a fan of Dennis Cooper’s musical tastes (most of it) but I do enjoy most of his literary recommendations. I am not that interested in the little boy sexual adds Dennis Cooper posts but I do appreciate his counterculturalisms. I visit his blog not so much because I am interested in what appears on it, although sometimes I am happily surprised, but because I am in real disbelief that a human can be capable of so much. I can’t seem to accept that any of it is real.

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