Toilet Rumination #110

A fashion model. I would love to be able to be sexual with a fashion model. With a very hot girl. Someone much younger and better looking than I. This would be a wonderful experience. I want this for myself. To be naked with a very attractive fashion model. What could be better? But this is not going to happen for me. How would it happen for me? I don’t go out to places where I could meet a fashion model. I think I am good-looking enough for a fashion model. I think I am well-dressed enough to be with a fashion model. I am certainly intelligent enough. But these things are not good enough for fashion models. A fashion model may not care so much about intelligence although I am sure they would not mind. A fashion model wants a fashion model guy. They want to be with someone who is very fit and very successful. Who has a lot of money, looks good and has all the right accessories. This is not me. I am not interested in making a lot of money. I am not really interested in making money at all to be honest. My only form of exercise is walking and jumping on a rebounder. I am not that concerned with muscle or physical strength. I prefer strength of character and mind. I prefer to be creative, to be intellectually inclined rather than to be out there building wealth and muscle. I am not that guy. I am not that guy who is getting the fashion models. I would not want to be caught dead in the kind of places fashion models are to be met. I do not like luxurious resorts. I abhor Las Vegas. I do not like fine dinning restaurants. I do not hang out in places were the elite congregate. Where would I meet a fashion model? I suppose I could meet a fashion model who has fallen on hard times and has to work as a hooker or stripper. I could pay this unlucky woman to have sex with me. To be naked with me. It is in this way that I would have the greatest opportunity to be sexual with a fashion model. Otherwise, I am not going to meet a fashion model. I am a degenerate, anti-social writer. I am an intellectual who is interested in literature and art. I have very high cultural standards. Guys like me do not get hooked up with fashion models. Unless we become famous. But what are the chances that my novel “Tour Guide For A Rapist” is going to make me a famous man? Who the hell reads degenerate novels anymore? How the hell am I going to get rich and famous from laboring away on a blog like this one? The kind of blog I am creating here does not get read by many people. They have no use for it because it is a blog that does not point people in the direction of lower standard things like money and muscles and video games. I know it may come off like I am pretentious. Maybe I am. I hold myself to a high intellectual standard and men like me who hold themselves to very high intellectual and cultural and artistic standards do not get to be naked with fashion models. They can not even afford to pay an unlucky fashion model who has had to become a whore to have sex with them. Guys like me do not get successful enough in the low standard world of materialism, money and muscle to even be in the same neighborhoods as fashion models. I guess I need to understand that I should take what I can get and be happy about it. But I still feel like it would be nice to be naked with a fashion model, to touch a fashion model and to be sexual with a fashion model who is not just a digital image on Instagram.

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