Toilet Rumination #122

Few things annoy me more than laziness. But tell a lazy person that they are lazy while they are being lazy and you will have a fight on your hands. I am just trying to relax, they will say. Hell does not have as much fury as the lazy person who is told that they are being lazy when they are trying to relax. What kind of respect is there to have for a lazy person? Someone who does not do much with their time. Who lays around and has as much motivation to accomplish things as my 1982 Volkswagen van sitting in my driveway does. No I have little tolerance for the lazy. The lazy who would rather eat, sleep, lay around in bed, drink, have sex, stare at a computer screen and talk about all their goals and dreams while never developing the ability to accomplish them. It was Cicero who said that to lay around in bed is the activity of a weaker mind. Laziness is the activity of a weak mind. Letting things go. Not getting things done. Not maintaining one’s physical health and strength. Just letting things go. Letting jackets and pants fall to the floor because you are too lazy to pick them up. Letting laundry pile miles high because you are too lazy to keep up. And look what a mess the car is! And how about the way you dress? The way a person dresses is always a main indicator of laziness. I have always made it a point to stay away from those who appear lazy in their dress. Laziness is sloth and sloth is contagious. It is the deadliest of sins and if a person is exposed to it they can be destroyed. Laziness only wants what is easiest. Laziness disdains working hard. The lazy are incapable of hard work. If they toil for two hours that is all they can handle for the week. If you light a match behind a lazy person’s back they will leap to action but as soon as their flame fades they will fall back on the couch. Laziness is a terrible affliction because the lazy person is too lazy to do anything about it. They just want to live their lives. They want to enjoy pleasures. They want to sleep and not be bothered with too much distress. But it is the lazy who end up sick and poor. It is the lazy that are to be taken care of by everyone else. It is the lazy who take little responsibility for themselves! The lazy do not want to be bothered. Leave me alone, is the mantra of the lazy. Let me do what I want so I can do little, is the mantra of the lazy. Oh I do so much is, the mantra of the lazy. Most lazy people have convinced themselves that they are not a lazy person so that they do not have to confront their own laziness. The lazy person hates hard work. They would kill hard work if they could. Few things are as difficult as addressing laziness. As overcoming laziness. As a psychologist I work with lazy people all the time and there is no cure. For a lazy person to actually pull themselves out of bed once they have slept for eight hours, even though they desperately want to lay around in bed, is the hardest of work. But the lazy person will always choose laying around in bed over the hard work of getting up. They will always prefer sex, and food and video games (books are too difficult for a lazy person) and other people’s company and all the things that are easy and fun. I can appreciate that a lazy person is committed to only doing what is easy and fun. I need more of these attributes in my life. But the lazy person has too much easiness and fun in their lives. They are excessive in these things, so much so that ten hours of hard work requires weeks to recover from. Laziness is the worst kind of affliction because it refuses to change itself. It refuses to motivate itself. It refuses to push itself. It refuses to structure itself. It would rather let everything go and only do what it has to do to keep the sky from falling. This is why a lazy person is the most stressed out and anxious person in the world. It is the tragic irony of laziness. It takes a lot of work to keep the difficulties of the world away.

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