Toilet Rumination #124

I don’t like the liar. The liar is a very cowardly person. They are willing to create pain and destruction just so they don’t have to deal with or confront the truth of who they are. I really do not like the liar. The liar is an all-pervasive character type in our society. It is as American as apple pie. The liar thinks that they are being unconventional in their deceptions but really they are no different from their next door neighbor. Lying is the most typical behavior in today’s America. Everyone out there is lying. They are lying all the time. Lying is everywhere. This is what conformist society asks us to do. Lie and make a normal life out of the lie. The reason the liar gets away with lying is because everyone else is doing it. The moment the liar comes up against someone who is not lying, there will be trouble. Fortunately, in today’s America the liar does not often have to come up against someone who is not lying because almost everyone in America is lying. They have built a life out of lying. And we know what is behind lying- fear. And we all know what is motivating human behavior in today’s American society- fear. So if your behavior is being dictated by fear- you are just like everyone else around you. Even those who think they live with No Fear are some of the most cowardly people on the planet, terrified of being found out for who they really are. The thing about the liar is that the person that they lie to the most is themselves. They are contained within a huge lie so how could they know that they are really a coward? They lie to themselves all the time in order to believe that they are not. No I do not like the liar. They are a terrible kind of person. The kind of person who is willing to deceive themselves. I don’t like people who are willingly deceiving themselves let alone deceiving me. I like people who are in pursuit of truth. People who are dedicated to being more of who they really are. The liar is antithetical to this search. The liar could give two craps about the pursuit of truth. They are in pursuit of lying and deception. They are in pursuit of a false reality. They are in pursuit of hiding from themselves and everyone else. How could this be admirable behavior? No the liar is only admirable in their profound ability to lie to themselves and everyone else. I know this because I was once a terrible liar. I still tell small lies here and there (traces of lying are impossible to get rid of) but I am now in a committed pursuit of truth. I want to live in truth and am always trying to be as blatantly honest as I can be. I know what it feels like to live a lie and don’t want to go back to that. I do not know how much time I have left on planet earth and I want my time here to be lived in as much truth and authenticity as is possible. But I am always being confronted with liars. Liars are everywhere and as someone who was once a terrible liar and is no longer one, it is impossible not to see the liars everywhere. You can not hide something from someone who used to be that thing. They can smell it and see it from a mile away. They know what it looks like as well as they know what their own face looks like. To try to keep your lying from someone who was once a master liar is impossible. I can smell your lies everywhere and it makes it difficult to like you. Just like I always deceived others I can smell you deceiving me. I do not like how it feels. I get angry and resentful and want to kill you. That is how much I despise liars. But I am not a violent man and would never kill anyone. So I sit with my rage and disdain. I have to live with it and swallow it. If I tell a liar what I am upset about they will immediately become enraged. Any time a liar is confronted with the truth of who they are, any time they are shown how their behavior is seen by someone else- they will become wickedly angry. A liar is so stuck in their own lies that to become confronted with the truth and consequence of their behavior is too much. It is unacceptable. It threatens to blow their entire facade. They get too close to the tremendous fear they feel about being seen for who they really are. Lets grow up liars. Lets work on being this person who you really are. Lets stop the cowardice. Lets stop being like everyone else. This life is for being who you are. Lets rebel against the American Way by being truthful in everything we do and say (this is the most important form of rebellion). If there is so much fear around being who you are, see that this fear is destroying your life. Well, maybe it is not destroying your life. Maybe it is making your life easier since everyone else is living a lie. Since America has become the Republic Of Liars. Maybe it is the one who is committed to truth who is at risk of destroying their life. That is fine. I would not have it any other way. I could not possibly go back to living the lie.

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