How To Rape A Woman After (Or During) A Shower

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. I do not endorse any kind of rape done to anyone. If you rape a woman against her will you are an idiot.

Now I know that rape has very strong connotations these days. It instantly polarizes people. Some people are pro-rape. Other people will suddenly and impulsively censor and behead the person who even hints at rape. I would say that most fall on the censoring and beheading side of things.

But that is ok. This should not stop those of us who are interested in rape, from discussing rape. From using the word rape when talking about sexual preferences. Please, engage the topic. In the same way blacks have reclaimed the word nigger, why can’t white, voraciously horny males reclaim the word rape?

I realize that there are many sick and twisted men out there. I am not one of them. At least not by my standards. By your standards I may be an aging, sicko, perverted, degenerate- but I would not agree with you. My sexual tastes are moderate and most of my sexual fantasies remain in hibernation. I am yet to discover the confidence within myself while with a woman to do the things I would like to do. Maybe some things are better off left in mind.

But this is beside the point. I have pulled off materializing one of my more degenerate sexual fantasies by raping a woman after a shower. It was not easy and required much bravado but it was so rewarding afterwards that it is worth discussing here.

By rape I am not talking about that kind of violent-violation-of-a-woman-against-her will-and-without-her-wanting-it-at-all. I imagine that that could be fun but I am not interested simply because it could traumatize a person in a way that would just equal bad luck for me. I’ve hurt women enough in my life and have created enough hurt-other-people-debt to create all the negative karma I really need in my life. I will leave this kind of cold-hearted rape for those psychopaths of the world.

What I am interested in is the kind of rape which involves a woman’s interest. She has granted you permission by her presence. She has allowed you the opportunity by the fact that she is naked in your shower. Now what do you do?

Few women don’t like to be subjugated, dominated and consumed in this kind of sexual and forceful way. Those who say they don’t are simply afraid. Don’t worry about the one’s who say no. They are just trying to make the rape more fun. We all know that the entire #METOO movement is really just a subconscious attempt to get more men to rape them. It is a projection of the kinkier sides of their female nature.

Now I recommend pulling the woman out of the shower against her will. Those of you who want to be polite enough to wait until she is done, that is fine as well. The thing about pulling a woman out of the shower before she is done is that it not only adds an element of surprise but it is enjoyable to rape a woman while she is still slathered in soap and water. It can assist with an easier glide.

If you chose to do this, I recommend using a pair of flip-flops. I have done this once before without flip-flops and slipped on the bathroom tile and sprained my ankle. Few things are more humiliating than slipping on the bathroom tile and spraining your ankle while trying to dominate a woman.

I also recommend that when you go in for the initial snatch, that you are already naked. Most women tend to be very strong and if you have to make time to unzip and pull down your pants you may lose them. Being naked at the beginning is the best way to ensure that you can maintain full control.

Now this is the most important part: For all of you men or women who suffer from a guilty conscience or an overwhelming need to be nice to a woman in order to win her affections- listen up. Get over yourself. No man who has needed to be the nice guy has ever been victorious in the end. If you hesitate or think twice or try to go easy while snatching a woman from the bathroom (so that she will not think poorly of you later) you will lose the fight. Any hesitation will be perceived as a sign of weakness by both of you and you will lose your mojo. Please, once you make the decision to rape a woman after or during her shower no hesitation should be allowed. Worry about the consequences later.

Where you chose to commence with the raping is your choice. Toilets, counter tops, floors, beds, chairs, tables and walls are all equally good places. Have the place in mind where you would like to engage in the rape prior to beginning.

Also, keep in mind that no matter how much she protests or struggles she will thank you in the end. She may tell you that it was incredibly intense and brutal but she will feel a sense of relief unlike anything she has felt in a long, long time. Being completely dominated by a man releases certain feel-good-chemicals in a woman, because it is evolutions design.

Now whether or not you chose to orgasm in her or on her is your choice. I always recommend orgasming inside of a woman without protection just because the sure high of the orgasmic blast off. But I also realize that orgasming inside a woman without protection can be a kind of short-term-thrill-for-long-term-imprisonment. It is up to each individual to decide if they care more about instant gratification or delayed gratification. One may ensure a healthier and easier long life than the other but the other is obviously more fun. I don’t judge either one. We all die in the end so make your own choices. Putting on a condom will take time and give the woman an opportunity to defeat you, so if you do want to go in with a raincoat on please jack-off and place the condom on before abducting the woman.

You can always pull out and orgasm anywhere on the woman’s body but this is obviously not as fun as all the risk that is involved in blowing your load in the raw.

The last time I raped a woman after her shower she held on to my dick and refused to let go. This made insertion almost impossible. But I pulled on her ears and hair and eventually she surrendered to my male intrusion. Afterwards she told me that it was the best sex she had ever had.

So, these are the fundamental aspects of raping a woman after (or during) a shower. What is most needed is a strong desire to consume the woman. To shred her like vegetables in a juicer. Now, every man has this strong impulse in him. This biological imperative is what is behind everything that men do. But only the few and the brave are willing to let these strong evolutionary impulses run free. It is up to you, but I always recommend raping a woman who you know wants you. Once you get these ravaging impulses out of you, you will feel a kind of satiation that makes you feel like you are the most dominate and accomplished creature in all of the wild. It is the answer for all the defeat you feel in your life.

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