Independent Bookstore Day

I wish you could just copy and paste tags into these WordPress posts. That is one of the reasons I stopped blogging. I got sick and tired of doing the tags after every post. I am sure there is a way to copy and paste tags, I just haven’t learned it yet.

Why is it always the loud people who refuse to wear masks? They will not be remembered well by history (or myself). Covid is mainly caught in the air. From your breathing. I don’t understand why these people do not see the logic in wearing a mask. Is America really that dumb? Are these the same people who refuse to wear condoms when sleeping with a stranger because they break or sometimes don’t work? No, these are the people who don’t wear condoms because they don’t like the way they feel. Tough luck people- you stick it in without a condom you could get something that will make you sickly for life or even kill you. You may bring the same upon another. Put on the damn mask. Put on the condom!

Here I am, telling people what to do. That is what these non-mask wearers hate most. Being told what to do. They are acting like children who are refusing to comply with basic logic. Because they hate being told what to do they will risk their life and other people’s lives. They will spread Covid. But they sure will support the police who are the epitome of telling people what to do. I just don’t get it.

It makes no sense. It is like standing for goodness while supporting violence. No that is not what it is like. I don’t know. I have never been good at making these kinds of analogies.

I have a slight sore throat and feel a bit achy today. I feel slightly sickly. But better than yesterday. You see, I will go out today. I have got to get out of this mostly white, anti-mask, Trump supporting seaside town that I am stuck in. I have got to get out of here. I have got to go into the city. I have not been in the city for over six months. I cant take this bland, seaside culture much longer. I need counterculture. I need punk rock. I need dirty streets. I need attitude rather than the fake, smiling conformity of those on the right side of things. There I go polarizing again. I don’t want to polarize but it is hard not to. Would Samuel Beckett polarize?

To each his own. Everyone has the freedom to do what they feel is best. Even if it means spreading Covid. This is what I tell myself.

The degree of hatred towards those on the left is startling right now. People really hate democrats, liberals and those on the left. What does Trump call them? Wild Eyed Marxists. That was a good one. I want a t-shirt that says that. I really don’t get this demonization of those on the left. They are miserable. They are fascists. They are creating violence in America. They are willing to do anything to destroy this country. They don’t want to hear anyone else’s opinions. Really?

I just want peace, equality, justice, truth, all people to be taken care of by government, better education, more openness about sex, less cultural repression, better architecture, nicer libraries and parks, more understanding that some people just want to be left alone, less obsession with profit, better areas for people to walk around in, more access to writers, philosophers and artists. These are just some of the things I want as a Wild Eyed Marxist.

I don’t know what to say. I am just rambling again. I really just need to keep to myself. I am looking forward to going for a drive today but as I was saying- I do have symptoms that could be considered symptoms of Covid. I have not been tested. If I go out and am around people and do not take any precautions I could spread the virus and possibly kill someone (or make them very sick). All these anti-masker people, these proud Trumper dudes who are out there laughing and talking loud without masks around other people- are willing to do just this. Infect people. They don’t care. I am sure many humans feel the way that I do now, think they are probably fine and go out without a mask. Plenty of young people especially. Slight aches is nothing, they think. And they spread it.

I will be wearing my mask. I will be using my hand sanitizer. I will be keeping my distancing from others. Hopefully I can find some cool countercultural artifacts (books, records, a t-shirt, etc) and bring them back to this cultureless, Bugaloo Boy seaside town.

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